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Life Science

Continuous search in the field of biotechnology is an indispensable tool to stay up to date in a rapidly developing branch of industry. The selection of the amount of information is important in order not to “get bogged down” and to keep an overview.

Would you like to develop a specific therapeutic antibody? Will you get problems with the competition? Or do you want to stabilize an antigen-binding protein? Which stabilization solutions are already claimed?

Is there any information about this? Or maybe you get new ideas by screening what the competition seems to be trying? Or are there new cooperation partners, for example new biotech companies in China or South Korea that were previously unknown. What optimizations are there in laser fluorescence microscopes to better adjust the beam paths?

Regardless of whether you need information on biosequences, application forms or laboratory equipment or you need an overview of an entire research area, you will receive competent support by us.

As a special service, we offer you the opportunity to prepare complex searches, especially for large patent families, as they often occur in the life sciences sector, according to your wishes, so that you have quick access to the determined information.